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Why Net Metering Is Important to Renewable Energy Homeowners

Why Net Metering Is Important to Renewable Energy Homeowners

Net metering is one of the biggest incentives to going solar. It’s a policy that allows people generating their own energy to receive credit on their electric bill. It puts money back into the wallets of home and business owners.

How Net Metering Works

Solar panel systems are often connected to your local power grid. That way you can take advantage of solar throughout the day and use the grid at night time when your solar panels aren’t generating enough energy.

When your solar panels are generating energy throughout the day, you are putting any excess energy into the grid. The net metering process allows you to be paid by your utility company for that generated energy. Even if you are using your electricity grid at night, net metering allows you to make up for the cost from energy produced during the day.

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How To Qualify For Net Metering

It is actually an easy process to apply for net metering. You must meet specific requirements – Though realize that every state is different.

Our service area is Boise, Idaho. Customers in this area will all receive net metering if they have solar energy, but they will be billed differently than standard. They must follow a rate schedule which you can find below. For a more detailed list, Idaho Power has uploaded a more detailed rate schedule.

Current Schedules Eligible for Customer Generation Applicable Schedule with Customer Generation Allowable Amount of Nameplate
Idaho Residential (Schedule 1) Idaho Residential Service On-site Generation (Schedule 6) Up to 25 Kilowatts
Idaho Small General Service (Schedule 7) Idaho Small General Service On-Site Generation (Schedule 8) Up to 25 Kilowatts
Oregon Residential (Schedule 1) and Small General Service (Schedule 7) Customer Energy Production/Net Metering Service (Schedule 84) Up to 25 Kilowatts
Idaho and Oregon Irrigation (Schedule 24), Large General Service (Schedule 9) and Industrial (Schedule 19) Customer Energy Production/Net Metering Service (Schedule 84) Up to 100 Kilowatts

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