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Make an Impact: The Real Benefits of Residential Solar Energy

Make an Impact: The Real Benefits of Residential Solar Energy

A well planned solar energy panel system has major advantages to your residential home. You’ll see a variety of quality of life and financial benefits from using solar energy as your utility source.

Net Metering: One of the Biggest Benefits

Net Metering is when your local power company credits you for your solar energy generation. If you connect your system to the power grid so you may use electricity at night, your solar panels will generate electricity during the day then transfer it back into the grid. The power company then pays you for that electricity. Over time, your solar energy pays for your energy bill.

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Save Money on Your Electric Bill With Solar Energy

Even states that have a low cost utility rate can save money on solar installations. Idaho is on the lower end of average for electric rates compared to other states because it embraced hydropower. Idaho saves about $10-$15,000 over a 20 year period from installing solar panels! The upfront costs can appear daunting, but financial incentives from the local and federal government makes the initial investment well worth the effort.

Solar Energy has Low Environmental Impact

Solar panels are extremely reliable equipment and have a lengthy lifespan of 25-30 years, sometimes even longer if the panels are well maintained. All our solar panels come with a warranty and we’ll gladly offer our equipment maintenance services to lengthen their lifespan.

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We take pride in our honesty, transparency, and reliability. We bring these qualities to our clients’ homes as we work together to find the perfect solar solution for them. Install solar panels on your home to save money and have reliable energy that lasts for many years.

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By installing smarter and cleaner solar panel systems in your home, you are participating in a movement that will ensure a better future for the world. With reduced energy costs and tax breaks, you will also benefit by saving thousands of dollars a year. Make the change today by calling Moment Solar to discuss your first steps to smarter living.

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