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Free Energy Audit

Free Energy Audit in Boise, Idaho

The cost of energy can sometimes be alarming to homeowners and business owners alike. It’s always important to assess how you are using your energy and what it’s costing you. Many people overlook the specifics and miss opportunities to greatly reduce their monthly energy costs. As a solar company, specializing in energy usage and efficiency, we know the best ways to help you save. That’s exactly why we are offering free energy audits to the Treasure Valley. If you are facing steep costs and want the advice from experts, allow Moment Solar to help today.

What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is an in-depth energy evaluation of your home or business. Conducted by certified specialists, these audits are performed to determine how a space is using its’ energy. The goal is to target problem areas and improve efficiency with smarter solutions. An audit includes the inspection of house appliances and mechanical systems. For example, we can help you locate air leaks and also suggest energy saving light bulbs. By the end of your energy audit, you will understand where and how you are losing energy and will be provided with smarter solutions.

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If you have been struggling with high energy costs and want to take action, make a request for a free energy audit today. We will provide you with solutions that will save you money for decades to come.

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