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Clean Solar Panels Right By A Professional Solar Service

Clean Solar Panels Right By A Professional Solar Service

Solar panel functionality is based on light absorption. The more light the panels absorb, the more energy it produces and your home or business lights will stay on. When solar panels are covered in dirt, grime, and other residue, their light absorption goes down significantly. If not cleaned properly, your solar panel efficiency will decrease by as much as 20%!

Professional Cleaning

There are hundreds of professional solar panel cleaning companies. Some solar companies include maintenance in their package when you install them. A professional cleaning is absolutely necessary. Many say that simple rain will wash all the dirt away, but a professional solar panel cleaning is more than a spray and pray. It’s a gentle soap scrub that removes all dirt, sticky residue, grime, and other filth from your being outside 24/7. If you rely on the rain, you get a half-baked job done and won’t make the most of your solar panel energy production.

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What Makes a Professional Cleaning so Effective?

Professional solar panel cleaning services use filtered mineral-free water, gentle non-stick soap, and some companies use a scratch-free brush to maintain the integrity of your panels. A professional clean vs a basic rinse with the hose is essentially the difference between a car detailer and an automatic drive-through car wash. A professional clean ensures that your panels are functioning properly, cleanses the entirety of your panels to increase efficiency. A basic hose rinse or letting the rain rinse off the dirt doesn’t get rid of the baked in dirt and grime from all its hours in the sun. A thorough solar panel cleaning increases the efficiency between 20-25%, which saves you more money! Solar panel efficiency is one of the most important functions of your solar panels. Without efficiency, they are essentially pointless. 


So, how often do you need a professional cleaning done? Some say, every six months, others say once a year. Use your best judgment based on your location. If you own a farm in Idaho, you will likely need to clean more often than a commercial business or a house. For a house owner, you will likely need a solar panel cleaning at least once a year.

Safety First!

Rely on a professional to clean your solar panels for you. They will have the equipment necessary to climb and stay on your roof securely while they use high pressure water. In the meantime, they can check your roof condition, the general framework of your solar panels, and the overall health of your system and roof. You be rest assured you’ll have a system that is future proof thanks to the hands

Can You Clean Solar Panels Yourself?

You may! It’s not the most recommended for maintaining efficiency but it is good to keep general cleanliness before your next panel cleansing. A professional service can be a bit pricey and for some people it may not be worth a bi-yearly price depending on your energy savings and consumption. Remember that when you clean solar panels yourself, chances are you’re using the hose or non-filtered water. You may be rinsing your panels with mineral water, leaving calcium and hard water deposits on the panels. Non-filtered water can leave a film on your panels if not rinsed properly. Your panels will be relatively clean for a short period of time, but a professional cleaning service makes sure that your panels are in like new condition.

Warranties and Solar Solutions

When you buy solar panels from a reputable solar panel company, there are some manufacturers that offer maintenance warranties. These include solar panel cleaning! Ask Moment Solar for the best method of cleaning your solar panels. Whether you own a farm, commercial building, or residential house, you should always clean your solar panels for the great efficiency rate.

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By installing smarter and cleaner solar panel systems in your home, you are participating in a movement that will ensure a better future for the world. With reduced energy costs and tax breaks, you will also benefit by saving thousands of dollars a year. Make the change today by calling Moment Solar to discuss your first steps to smarter living.

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